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️ ⭐ Our Club Vision and Values ⭐

  Our Club Committee are constantly working hard in the background to plan for the year ahead, to bring lots of great challenges, initiatives and training opportunities to all members and to keep Athlone Triathlon Club current, engaging and at the forefront of the Triathlon community in the Midlands. One very important factor in all our efforts, especially in recent times, has been the main vision for our Club and the values which underpin what we strive to achieve. A recent survey of all our Club Members, across all ages and levels, has allowed us to reimagine our purpose and direction not just for the remainder of this year, but for many years to come. By providing our members with the valuable opportunity to have their voices heard and offer feedback, suggestions and opinions, we now have a framework that sets a firm purpose for our Club and a key set of values and principles encapsulating our Club’s identity; which we will endeavour to keep at the heart of everything we do going fo

Conor Kelly - My Journey Back to Triathlon

  My Triathlon Journey. My Triathlon obsession started when I was very young.   I was on holidays in Boston with my family in the late 1980’s.   My cousin was into the sport and I remember we sat for hours one day and watched Ironman Kona, which turned out to be the famous Ironwar race between Mark Allen and Dave Scott.  From that day until 2005, Triathlon was always in the back of my mind, but because the sport was not as mainstream as it is today, I never got a chance to race or even spectate at a race.  I must admit that Triathlon took a back seat to football and other team sports until 2005 when Triathlone took place for the first time and brought Triathlon to our doorstep.   All the Ironman memories came flooding back. I was so new to the sport and did not even know that Triathlons had different length races etc.  I was a spectator in 2005 but raced in 2006.   I raced with no wetsuit, a €150 racer and football shorts.   When I look back now, I laugh at how innocent I was.   Th

⭐️ What’s the Point? ⭐️

This week marks one year since the words “stay at home”, “lockdown” and “restrictions” were introduced into our lives. It’s meant many adaptations to our routines and way of living and it has undoubtedly been a difficult year for so many reasons.  Since beginning 2021, with quiet hope for “normal” returning and eventually making it back to that precious race start line, our focus as a club has been on our members and keeping them engaged, active, connected and as motivated as we can. Recently, a member shared their thoughts on their current journey and finding it hard to locate that motivation to get out and train. This member found themselves asking the question “what’s the point”. (Sounds familiar right?!)  Fast forward a few hours, and our member’s chat is alive with similar thoughts and stories being shared and spoken about and a general realisation that “it’s not just me”!  BUT! Perhaps most importantly, we discovered “the point”.  Plain and simply? Because we can! Because we moti


Today, like every day in our club, we celebrate, champion and support all the incredible women we are lucky to know and “Tri” alongside. All our female athletes both Junior and Senior, our amazing Beyond the Finish Line Advocate and Coach, our Junior Club Mother’s, all of our volunteers, family and friends!  Each one bringing their own unique passion, energy, enthusiasm and commitment to our community each and every day and helping to motivate, inspire and empower every single member, male and female, to be the best they can be.  Every day, we see you! Every day, we see what you can be! And every day, we salute you!  Happy International Women’s Day #athlonetriathlonclub #athlonetriclub #ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021 #20x20 #ATCMovingForMentalHealth #TrainingTogetherWhileStayingApart  #AthloneTriJuniorClub #iTrainWithAthloneTriClub

Let’s hear it for the boys!

Athlone Triathlon Club is an inclusive club that inspires, supports and engages a community of members to develop and achieve their best within the sport of Triathlon. We are proud to celebrate, empower, champion and value every single member, both male and female, across all ages and abilities in a mutually supportive club atmosphere.  It’s only fair, we think, that our amazing male athletes get their shout out today! 🤩👏🏻  The other half of our club community, with just as much energy, passion and commitment to ATC and the Sport of Triathlon.  We are grateful to “Tri” alongside each and every one of you; today you get our salute 👏🏻 #athlonetriathlonclub #athlonetriclub #ATCMovingForMentalHealth #TrainingTogetherWhileStayingApart  #AthloneTriJuniorClub #iTrainWithAthloneTriClub

Moving for Mental Health

Our #ATCMovingForMentalHealth initiative has now been ongoing for one month. And we aren’t finished yet.  Such a simple concept, but such an effective and positive outcome. The launch of this initiative back in early January served to encourage our members to keep a focus on their mental health as well as their physical health, and just as importantly to create a space for keeping in touch and staying together as a group. What has fundamentally transpired is a renewed energy amongst members, an environment where every member from beginner to elite is offering and being offered words of encouragement and a clear desire to keep moving and keep active to reap the benefits for our health.  We have reinforced our sense of community, our dedication to inclusivity and our desire to provide a fun, supportive and inspirational environment for all our athletes. What an amazing vision for our club for 2021!  #athlonetriathlonclub #athlonetriclub  #ATCMovingForMentalHealth #TrainingTogetherWhileSt